Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yo c'est qui le Roi?

Ze Président and ze peuple
In a recent poll (Ifop) it transpired that 58% of ze peuple was disastified with ze Président's handling of the economic crisis. To boost the economy, public sector employees go on strike. Plus de grève.... Ze peuple (a majority) clamours for more government intervention. Plus d'Etat sauveur... To boost his public image, ze President flies to the Middle East to save the world. Plus de Superman.....
"L'Etat c'est moi" (I am the State) Louis XIV, King of France and Navarre (1638-1718) and Nicolas Sarkozy, Président de la République française (now). Plus de Roi aussi.....

"Sarkozy resign!" "...And it shall be forbidden to whistle, shout and demonstrate in the King's presence....". "Inform all the prefectures"

Reforming the state in the Kingdom of "Fonctionnarie"...
More than 50% of deputies and senators have a civil service background. Contribuables Associés (Taxpayers Associated Org) launches a petition for more independent representatives in our Parliament: "Fonctionnaire ou parlementaire. Il faut choisir". One can live in hope they will chose to do the right thing. "Impossible is nothing"... the Adidas-David Bekham philosophy.

France and Nato (and where the King should sit...)
Flash news from the EU Observer: French president Nicolas Sarkozy has threatened to boycott the April NATO summit celebrating the 60th anniversary of the organisation, unless he is allowed to choose where he sits at the conference table.....
Yo, ze Sarko video: King of Bling-bling
Touching on issues like the cult of presidency, popular culture, relationship between power and business, elections, independence of the media, policing, accountability... Also featuring creative usage of la langue de Shakespeare like "I am ze Boss man".... Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi....


ze french umour

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